Our graduates

Vlada Sadova

Winner of the module "IT: elearning"

Tatyana Shapoval

The winner of the module "IT: elearning"

Daria Kovgan

Grand Prix of the module "IT: eLearning"

Nadiia Matus

Grand Prix of Mechanical Engineering module

Marharyta Ivanenko

Winner of Mechanical Engineering module

Winner of STEM is FEM created a composite for cleaning soil from petroleum products

Margarita Meleshkova, an 18-year-old schoolgirl from Mariupol, the winner of the Ecology and Energy module of charity project STEM is FEM, has invented a tool to help clean the soil from oil pollution.

STEM is FEM winner is one of the five students in Rivne region who received 200 points in External independent evaluation

Sofia Khondoka is one of the five students from Rivne region who received the maximum number of points in the external independent evaluation.

A TV video about the artistic talents of the girl who won grand prix STEM is FEM

Ira Luchyn, Grand Prix winner of the fifth module STEM is FEM on 3D modeling and printing became the heroine of the TV video on Channel 402.

Viktoriia Konashchuk

Winner of 3D Modelling and Printing module