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18 September 2020

THE PAGE: How Girls Can Become STEM. What Did the Girls Learn in the Sixth Module of STEM is FEM

The Page: Recently in Kyiv, the charity educational project STEM is FEM brought together girls from all over Ukraine to tell them more about mechanical engineering. The project STEM is FEM motivates Ukrainian schoolgirls to choose a STEM field (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) for higher education and career. To reach this purpose, every two months, they select 30 girls and invite them to an educational event in the capital. [Ukr.]

15 September 2020

GAZETA.UA: Educational Project STEM is FEM Holds Competition for Module on Construction and Architecture

GAZETA.UA: As part of the two-day educational module, school girls will be introduced to the basics of construction and architecture. The girls will be able to talk to famous architects, builders, and other representatives of the industry, to take part in workshops, and, as always, to participate in a creativity competition for prizes. [Ukr.]

4 September 2020

CHANNEL 24: Mechanical Engineering and Aircraft Repair: in Kyiv STEM is FEM Prooved There Are no "Non-Female" Professions

CHANNEL 24: Charity educational initiative STEM is FEM held a two-day educational module for Ukrainian schoolgirls on mechanical engineering. As part of the program, the girls visited the State Aviation Museum, BMW Ukraine showroom and listened to lectures by experts in the field of mechanical engineering. In particular, the technological engineer at the state Plant Civil Aviation Tetiana Polishchuk told the girls about the peculiarities of women's work in an aircraft design bureau. The expert noted that this industry, like many others, suffers from harmful stereotypes. [Rus. and Ukr.]

4 September 2020

APOSTROPHE: During STEM is FEM project, Ukrainian Schoolgirls Learnt How to Weld on a Simulator, Photo

APOSTROPHE: A two-day educational module on mechanical engineering took place in Kyiv as part of the educational project STEM is FEM. The girls listened to professional lectures by representatives of technical specialties, took part in a workshop on welding, visited an aviation museum and one of the BMW-Ukraine showrooms. In the showroom, the school girls heard about the features of modern automotive and marketing. [Rus. and Ukr.]

3 September 2020

FAKTY: STEM is FEM project Proves That Mechanical Engineering Is for Girls As Well

FAKTY: For two days in Kyiv, schoolgirls from all over Ukraine explored the nuances of working in the technical field. 30 girls from all over Ukraine gathered in Kyiv to know more about the work features in mechanical engineering. As part of the program organized by the educational project STEM is FEM, the girls listened to lectures by employees of factories, design offices, and other engineering institutions. [Ukr.]

3 September 2020

NIZHYN NEWS: STEM is FEM Proved That Mechanical Engineering Is Also for Girls

NizhynNews: For two days in the capital, schoolgirls from all over Ukraine explored the working nuances in the technical field. [Ukr.]

1 September 2020

INTERFAX-UKRAINE: STEM is FEM Participant Develops Technology to Clean Soils From Oil Pollution

INTERFAX-UKRAINE: 18-year-old Margaryta Meleshkova, a participant of two STEM is FEM educational modules, is working on creating a binary absorbent composite that cleans the soil from oil contamination. [Ukr.]

31 August 2020

UKRAINIAN NEWS: The Winner of STEM is FEM Created a Composite to Clean Soil From Petroleum Products

UKRAINIAN NEWS: The winner of the module "Ecology and Energy" of the charity project STEM is FEM, an 18-year-old schoolgirl from Mariupol Margaryta Meleshkova has invented a way how to help clean the soil from petroleum products after oil spills. [Rus.]

31 August 2020

UNN: STEM is FEM Introduces Schoolgirls to Mechanical Engineering Industry

UNN: A two-day educational module on mechanical engineering for girls from all over Ukraine took place in Kyiv. Thirty schoolgirls listened to professional lectures from women working in mechanical engineering, visited the State Aviation Museum, and had an excursion in one of the BMW Ukraine showrooms. The educational module that took place as part of the project STEM is FEM, UNN reports. [Ukr.]