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9 October 2020

KYIV MAN: UNICEF Ukraine and STEM is FEM Hold a Coffee-Talk for Girls From All Over Ukraine About Supergirls and Their Superskills

KYIV MAN: On October 8, 2020, in UNIT.City, there was a discussion with male leaders in IT about equal opportunities in the tech industry and women who inspired them for professional achievements, as it is worth to discuss the equality issues with everyone, regardless of gender! [Ukr.]

6 October 2020

GENDER IN DETAIL: - Sabrina Gildehaus at STEM is FEM: "Women should make the world feel a little uncomfortable"

GENDER IN DETAIL: The sixth module of the educational social project STEM is FEM that promotes tech specialties among girls took place in the capital. This time, the module topic was Mechanical Engineering. The girls listened to industry-related lectures, asked questions to women working in the industry, visited a BMW Ukraine showroom to learn more about today's automotive industry, and also visited the State Aviation Museum to learn about aircraft retrospective. They also discussed about the gender issue with the project speakers. [Ukr.]

1 October 2020

INFORM ZP.UA: Zaporizhzhian Schoolgirl Won the STEM is FEM Project

INFORM ZP.UA: Zaporizhzhian school student Nadiia Matus won a competition from the charity educational project STEM is FEM. The competition was on mechanical engineering. The school student answered to the question "What are the three main problems that mechanical engineering should solve in the following 20 years?" and proposed her own solutions to these problems. [Rus.]

29 September 2020

UKRAINIAN NEWS: Hundreds of Participants and Dozens of Events - Sergey Tokarev Told About the Year of STEM is FEM Activity

UKRAINIAN NEWS: STEM is FEM is a Ukrainian charitable educational initiative. Its goal is to motivate schoolgirls to choose tech professions for further study and careers and to achieve gender parity in those areas that are stereotypically considered male. [Ukr.]

29 September 2020

UNIAN: Head of UNDP in Ukraine: The number of women in technical professions in Ukraine has dropped to 20%

UNIAN: According to the head of UNDP in Ukraine, the number of women in tech professions in Ukraine has dropped to 20%. In September, there was an online meeting of Ukrainian schoolgirls with Dafina Gercheva, UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine. She told about the main activities of the organization and the opportunities provided by the agency to young professionals. In particular, she told about educational projects and programs on promoting gender balance in professional fields.[Ukr.]

22 September 2020

THE PAGE: A Schoolgirl From Zaporizhia Won the Competition From the STEM is FEM Project

THE PAGE: Sixteen-year-old Nadiia Matus from Zaporizhia won the STEM is FEM of charity project STEM is FEM in the module on Mechanical Engineering. She presented her own vision of the industry's development over the following 20 years. The task was to identify three main problems that engineering should solve during this time and offer solutions. [Ukr]

18 September 2020

THE PAGE: How Girls Can Become STEM. What Did the Girls Learn in the Sixth Module of STEM is FEM

The Page: Recently in Kyiv, the charity educational project STEM is FEM brought together girls from all over Ukraine to tell them more about mechanical engineering. The project STEM is FEM motivates Ukrainian schoolgirls to choose a STEM field (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) for higher education and career. To reach this purpose, every two months, they select 30 girls and invite them to an educational event in the capital. [Ukr.]

15 September 2020

GAZETA.UA: Educational Project STEM is FEM Holds Competition for Module on Construction and Architecture

GAZETA.UA: As part of the two-day educational module, school girls will be introduced to the basics of construction and architecture. The girls will be able to talk to famous architects, builders, and other representatives of the industry, to take part in workshops, and, as always, to participate in a creativity competition for prizes. [Ukr.]

15 September 2020

DEPO.UA: STEM is FEM Invites Girls to the Module "Construction and Architecture"

DEPO.UA: According to the study by the Council of European Architects conducted in 2010, among more than half a million architects in Europe, there are only 31% women. In different countries, this figure differs. This way, most female architects, about 50%, are in Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Sweden. The lowest number is in Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Slovakia, where the figure is 15%. [Rus.]