5 September 2020

The Competition for Module "Construction and Architecture" Has Started!

The module is scheduled for October 17-18, during the weekend. Whether the venue is online or offline, it will depend on the epidemiological situation.
3 September 2020

"The ball is in your court", - Sabrina Gildehaus on Mechanical Engineering module

Gildehaus CEO Sabrina Gildehaus left her job at a German giant company and moved to Kyiv. Here, she founded her own company that supports and invests in young Ukrainian fashion brands that lack sufficient capital and operational expertise to enter Western European markets. During the module on Mechanical Engineering, Sabrina told the participants of the venue about her way and what allows her to get to the top.
2 September 2020

Olena Tareeva at the module on Mechanical Engineering: 'Weave a wreath of your life by yourselves'

The sixth STEM is FEM module on Mechanical Engineering passed in partnership with BMW Ukraine. Because of this, the girls could visit a car showroom, where they were told in detail about how the developing process of the car world today. And during the opening of the module, Olena Tareeva, Marketing Director at BMW Ukraine, talked to the participants.
1 September 2020

Symphony of Production, Beauty of Welding and Test Ride: The Exciting Moments of the Module on Mechanical Engineering

The sixth module of the educational charity project STEM is FEM took place in Kyiv. The event was dedicated to mechanical engineering. It was attended by 30 girls from 13 cities of Ukraine.
7 August 2020

Webinar Stem Is Fem: How to Write the Perfect Admission Essay

Essays and cover letters are required to enter foreign universities, participate in volunteer or educational projects, apply for exchange programs, receive a scholarship or grant, or find a job in an international company. Yulia Kondrushenko helped to understand how to write a text that will get the jury's attention.
20 July 2020

"You Need to Find a University That Values You and You Will Value It in Return," STEM is FEM Said About Education in Europe, the United States and Asia

STEM is FEM invited three speakers with interesting personal experiences to tell us what education abroad really is, who needs it, and how to get to the best universities in the world.
12 July 2020

We Announce the Prizes of the Module on Mechanical Engineering

The main prize in the final competition of the module is an amazing MiJia Electric Scooter. The girls who will take the two second places will get the Udemy online course "Introduction to Mechanical Engineering."
6 July 2020

STEM is FEM Launches Contest for Participation in the Module “Mechanical Engineering”

The STEM is FEM project launches a contest for participation in the module “Mechanical Engineering”
18 June 2020

Gender Equality, the Future of Technology, 3D Implementation and Opportunities to Changing the World: The Module "3D Modelling and Printing" Invites Discussion

The module was dedicated to 3D modeling and printing. Ninety girls took part in the competition, and after testing on the website, there were selected 30 girls of thirteen Ukrainian cities.