STEM is an abbreviation for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

STEM IS FEM is an educational project that promotes STEM specialties among high school girls in Ukraine. Take part in our competition, become part of the community, and get a chance to win a prize that can change your future career already now!

We believe that girls can do whatever they want! And we know that behind every successful girl there are her equally successful girlfriends! Join us and prove that STEM IS FEM!

The names of 12 winners of the All-Ukrainian competition of youth essays "She is science" and their works are presented in the section "She is science".

The module "IT: eLearning" took place on November 27-28 in an online format. The contest for participation in the next educational module will start in January.

Here are several simple steps to join STEM IS FEM:

  • If you are for the first time on the website, create an account by clicking the "Contest" button above on this page. If you already have an account, you can log in by clicking the same "Contest" button.
  • Once you create an account, you will get access to the competition, and all the following competitions as well.
  • Carefully read the instructions, be prepared, because the contest for each module can be passed only once.
  • Wait for an email. If there are too many contestants, we will have to make the second round of the competition. We will send you all the information accordingly.
  • Wait for your mail with an invitation to the webinar!
  • For two days, you will completely immerse yourself in the industry. You will meet women who are already working in the chosen field, you will have an opportunity to ask them your questions. You will be able to gain new knowledge of how the topic is evolving and what career prospects it offers. You will get some new practical skills. And, of course, you will participate in the second part of the competition, and if you win, it can become a new step on the path to the career of your dreams!
  • If you didn't manage to get to the module this time, do not worry! You can always take part in the competition for the next module! To be updated, follow our social media pages!

    If you want to join the project as a speaker or help develop our initiative in another way, fill out this form:


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TOP Representatives of the Ukrainian IT Market Discussed Development Prospects With STEM is FEM Participants

On the eve of International Day of the Girl Child in Ukraine, the United Nations Children's Fund in Ukraine (UNICEF) together with partners STEM is FEM and UN Women in Ukraine brought together young people and experts. In the innovation park UNIT.City, they all discussed the topic “Girls in IT: how do girls become leaders in the IT industry?” in order to hear the ideas and questions of the girls about development in the profession

Representation of women in tech professions in Ukraine fell to a critical 20% - UNDP Resident Representative to Ukraine at STEM is FEM webinar

UNDP Resident Representative to Ukraine Dafina Gercheva spoke with Ukrainian schoolgirls at a webinar as part of STEM is FEM educational project

The Competition for Module "Construction and Architecture" Has Started!

The module is scheduled for October 17-18, during the weekend. Whether the venue is online or offline, it will depend on the epidemiological situation.

"The ball is in your court", - Sabrina Gildehaus on Mechanical Engineering module

Gildehaus CEO Sabrina Gildehaus left her job at a German giant company and moved to Kyiv. Here, she founded her own company that supports and invests in young Ukrainian fashion brands that lack sufficient capital and operational expertise to enter Western European markets. During the module on Mechanical Engineering, Sabrina told the participants of the venue about her way and what allows her to get to the top.

Olena Tareeva at the module on Mechanical Engineering: 'Weave a wreath of your life by yourselves'

The sixth STEM is FEM module on Mechanical Engineering passed in partnership with BMW Ukraine. Because of this, the girls could visit a car showroom, where they were told in detail about how the developing process of the car world today. And during the opening of the module, Olena Tareeva, Marketing Director at BMW Ukraine, talked to the participants.