Olena Livinska

Microbiologist, Ph.D., Industry speaker at the Biotechnology module
Olena Livinska

Olena Livinska is a microbiologist, Ph.D. (Microbiology, General), and research associate at the Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology, NAS of Ukraine. For more than ten years, Olena has been working in the field of microbiology researching the probiotic properties of lactic acid bacteria and testing functional food and probiotic products. Olena promotes science and is passionate about science journalism.

Olena Livinska is the founder of the science platform microbiya.com that promotes interesting practical information about modern biology and medicine in layman's terms.

Talking about her project, Olena says: "There are millions of research and publications in the world, as well as simple practicalities that interest everyone. We build bridges between them."