Alyona Kvitka

Winner of "Mechanical Engineering" and "Robotics and Engineering" modules
Alyona Kvitka

My name is Alyona, I live in Sievierodonets, Luhansk region. I study in school №5 in the 10th grade.

In addition to science, I dedicate a large part of my life to creativity, sports and participation in various social projects. Every day, I look for new opportunities for self-development in different directions. For 10 years, I have been swimming professionally and I've got First-Class Adult Sportsman achievment. I also fond of drawing. I have an active social position, and thanks to my team and the Unicef ​​UpShift project, there should appear the first skate park in my city. I believe, only with help of new knowledge, opportunities, self-development and self-improvement one can succeed in life.

Before STEM is FEM, I was unsure whether I had abilities in science and whether I should do it at all. But the project gave me great confidence and experience. I could see the results of my efforts and self-improvement work. With each module, my confidence grows, and so does the thirst for new knowledge.

I learned about STEM is FEM from my geography teacher, who convinced me to fill out a competition form. I participated in three project modules, but only in the module "Robotics and Engineering" I was lucky to take second place. Surprisingly, it was that module that scared me the most as I realized that I had never had experience in that area and sufficient knowledge of robotics. However, everything went great, we got all the necessary knowledge during the workshop. This proves once again that craving for something and working hard is enough to get an amazing result! Thanks to this victory and the award, I discovered another interesting and definitely useful opportunity! I want to thank the organizers for what you are doing for us and for the future of Ukraine!