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31 January 2020

ZNAJ.UA: STEM IS FEM Winner to Attend Yale University Conference in Rome

ZNAJ.UA: The module will be held in Kyiv for high school girls from all over the country. The charity project STEM is FEM will send a winner of the third educational module dedicated Energy and Ecology to Rome to participate in the Yale International Alliance Conference on Global Citizenship. [Ukr]

30 January 2020

DEPO.UA: STEM IS FEM Helps to Correct Gender Imbalance in Energy Sector

DEPO.UA: Energy and Ecology is the topic of a new educational module of the Ukrainian charitable project STEM is FEM. The project organizers believe that these two topics are one of the most relevant and technological in modern society. [Ukr]

27 January 2020

DSNEWS.UA: Sergey Tokarev: STEM IS FEM Solves Gender Parity in Technological Sector

DSNEWS.UA: On February, 30 high school girls from all over Ukraine will come to Kyiv to participate in a charity project STEM is FEM's two-day educational module dedicated to Energy and Ecology. In 2019, the project has already organized two modules that were focused on biotechnology and the IT industry. [Ru]

25 January 2020

FAKTY: Sergey Tokarev: The Goal of STEM IS FEM Is to Achieve Gender Balance in Energy and Technology Sectors

FAKTY: In February 2020, the third educational module of the charitable project STEM is FEM for Ukrainian schoolgirls will be held in Kyiv. The initiator of the project is IT-businessman and investor Sergey Tokarev. According to him, the goal of STEM is FEM is to promote technological professions among girls and, eventually, to achieve an equal gender ratio in the specialties related to science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. The third educational module focuses on energy and ecology. The coordinators believe that these topics are not only extremely important for Ukraine, but also will be attractive enough to the project participants as well. [Ukr.]

24 January 2020

GAZETA.UA: STEM IS FEM to send Ukrainian schoolgirl to Yale International conference in Rome

GAZETA.UA: This spring, a Ukrainian schoolgirl will attend the Yale International Alliance Conference on Global Citizenship in Rome together with the STEM is FEM project. Participation in the conference is the main prize of the next educational module "Energy and Ecology." [Ukr.]

24 January 2020

UNN: STEM IS FEM to Involve Girls in the Energy Industry

UNN: In February, Ukrainian schoolgirls will get an opportunity to know more about the energy industry. The charity project STEM is FEM has chosen Energy and Ecology as the theme of the third educational module for high school students. [Ukr.]

11 January 2020

ZNAJ.UA: STEM IS FEM to Tell Ukrainian Schoolgirls About Energy and Ecology

ZNAJ.UA: The charity project STEM is FEM announces the opening of a competition for high school female students to participate in the third educational module. This time, the topic is Energy and Ecology. [Rus. and Ukr.]

10 January 2020

CHANNEL 24: STEM IS FEM Invites Girls to Get Acquainted With Energy and Ecology

CHANNEL 24: The charity project STEM is FEM has launched a competition to participate in the Energy and Ecology module. The module will take place on February 15-16 in Kyiv. It will be the third event of the project. [Ukr.]

26 December 2019

UA UKRAINIAN RADIO: Knowledge Module. You Will Be a Science

UA UKRAINIAN RADIO: Knowledge Module: On the air of the Knowledge Module program, there is biologist Olga Maslova talking about Yuri Marchenko's book "You Will Be a Science," the development and popularization of Ukrainian science, and the STEM is FEM project. [Ukr.]