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23 March 2020

INTERFAX-UKRAINE: STEM IS FEM Educational Module on Robotics Goes Online

INTERFAX-UKRAINE: STEM is FEM is preparing to hold one more educational module for Ukrainian schoolgirls. One of the initiators of the project, the head of the IT-company Gamingtec Sapar Karyagdyyev, says that this time girls will be introduced to robotics. The module will be held on April 11-12 online. [Ukr.]

23 March 2020

UKRAINIAN NEWS: Stem Is Fem to Hold Online Module on Robotics for Ukrainian Schoolgirls

UKRAINIAN NEWS: The fourth educational module of the Stem is Fem project is dedicated to robotics. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, it will be held online. [Rus.]

16 March 2020

FAKTY: STEM IS FEM and UNICEF Introduce Ukrainian Female Scientists to Schoolgirls

FAKTY: What is the situation with science in Ukraine? Do all young scientists go working abroad? Is it fun to be a scientist today? How much does a scientist earn? Can you consider science the right place for a woman to work in? A week ago, the United Nations Children's Fund and the charitable educational project STEM is FEM introduced school girls to contemporary Ukrainian scholars to answer all these questions. [Ukr.]

16 March 2020

UNN: Science Is a Way to Extend Childhood – UNICEF and STEM IS FEM Hold Joint Event

UNN: UNICEF and the charity initiative STEM is FEM have organized a meeting of schoolgirls with Ukrainian female scientists. [Ukr.]

5 March 2020

GENDER IN DETAIL: An Initiative Group That Promotes Gender Equality

GENDER IN DETAIL: STEM is FEM is an educational charity initiative aimed at promoting the technological field among girls. The goal of the project is to draw the attention of Ukrainian schoolgirls to STEM specialties: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. [Ukr.]

24 February 2020

ZNAJ.UA: STEM IS FEM to send 17-year-old girl from Sumy to Yale University Conference in Rome

Iryna Nataluha, a school girl from Sumy, wins the third education module of the STEM is FEM charity project. In March, the girl will travel to Rome to attend a Yale University conference on Global Citizenship. [Ukr. and Rus.]

24 February 2020

FAKTY: Safe Atom and Option of Having No Cemeteries - What Ecological Idea Won at STEM is FEM

The third educational module on Energy and Ecology of the STEM is FEM project has recently passed in Kyiv. The winner became 17-year-old Iryna Nataluha from Sumy. She presented an idea that combined three directions: the development of nuclear energy, demographic problems, and the ecological rethinking of people's lives, as well as the impact of cemeteries on the environment. [Ukr.]

21 February 2020

INTERFAX-UKRAINE: At STEM IS FEM Anna Novosad Tells Why Girls Should Pay Attention to STEM Specialties

INTERFAX-UKRAINE: The charity project STEM is FEM motivated schoolgirls from 15 Ukrainian cities to build their career in energy or ecology. The project promotes various areas of STEM education among girls. [Ukr.]

21 February 2020

GAZETA.UA: Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute and the Kyiv electrical grid — STEM IS FEM Introduces Schoolchildren to Energy and Ecology

GAZETA.UA: Ukrainian schoolgirls, together with the STEM is FEM project, visited the Hydrometeorological Institute and the control unit of the Kyiv electrical grid. These excursions became part of the STEM is FEM module on Energy and Ecology. [Ukr.]