STEM is an abbreviation for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

STEM IS FEM is an educational project that promotes STEM specialties among high school girls in Ukraine. Take part in our competition, become part of the community, and get a chance to win a prize that can change your future career already now!

We believe that girls can do whatever they want! And we know that behind every successful girl there are her equally successful girlfriends! Join us and prove that STEM IS FEM!

An educational module on "Mechanical Engineering" is scheduled for August 29-30. The module will take place offline in Kyiv.

The competition for participation in the "Mechanical Engineering" module lasts from July 6 to 30! Don't miss your chance to participate!

Here are several simple steps to join STEM IS FEM:

  • If you are for the first time on the website, create an account by clicking the "Contest" button above on this page. If you already have an account, you can log in by clicking the same "Contest" button.
  • Once you create an account, you will get access to the competition, and all the following competitions as well.
  • Carefully read the instructions, be prepared, because the contest for each module can be passed only once.
  • Wait for an email. If there are too many contestants, we will have to make the second round of the competition. We will send you all the information accordingly.
  • Wait for your mail with an invitation to the webinar!
  • For two days, you will completely immerse yourself in the industry. You will meet women who are already working in the chosen field, you will have an opportunity to ask them your questions. You will be able to gain new knowledge of how the topic is evolving and what career prospects it offers. You will get some new practical skills. And, of course, you will participate in the second part of the competition, and if you win, it can become a new step on the path to the career of your dreams!
  • If you didn't manage to get to module this time, do not worry! You can always take part in the competition for the next module! To be updated, follow our social media pages!

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STEM is FEM has launched the selection contest for participation in the Module “Mechanical Engineering”

STEM is FEM has launched the selection contest for participation in the Module “Mechanical Engineering”. The Module is scheduled on 29-30 August in Kyiv

Gender equality, future of the world of technology, application of 3D and possibility to change the world – what was spoken about at the “3D Modelling and Printing”

Модуль було присвячено темі “3D моделювання та друку”. У відбірковому конкурсі взяли участь 90 дівчат. За допомогою тестування на сайті, із них обрали 30 найкращих із 13 українських міст.

STEM is FEM together with the United Nations Population Fund held a lecture for the girls on the danger of abusive relations

STEM is FEM in partnership with the UNFPA in Ukraine held a lecture for high school girls called “(Not) little things in relations” as part of the campaign “Break the cycle”. The meeting was devoted to such (not) little things, one should pay attention to, so as not to get into a sad story

STEM is FEM announces the prize of its fifth Module “3D Modelling and Printing”

The winner of the online module of the STEM IS FEM will receive a 3D printer with a set of materials