Girls in STEM: World news

6 February 2020


Newsweek: Scientists have debunked the idea that women are underrepresented in the technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) industries because of biological differences which affect their math skills. Girls and boys have similar brains and are equally able when it comes to understanding math, according to the study published in the journal NPJ Science of Learning.

20 January 2020

HROMADSKE: "The Coldest Continent That Chains Your Heart." Three Stories of Ukrainian Antarctic Researchers

HROMADSKE: The twenty-fourth Ukrainian expedition to Antarctica in 2019-2020 has become unique. For the first time after more than a twenty-year hiatus, female scientists arrived, two of the team of 12 participants. Prior to that, Ukrainian women last worked at Academician Vernadsky for a year in the second expedition in 1997-1998. Hromadske talked to three Ukrainian scientists who traveled to exploring Antarctica at different times about their achievements, love for the coldest continent, teamwork, and gender equality. [Ukr.]

6 January 2020

DAILY LVIV: Woman From Lviv Climbed up the Seven Highest Peaks in the World

DAILY LVIV: Oksana Litynska from Lviv became one of seventy women to climb all seven highest peaks on every continent. Oksana, along with a team of other climbers, reached the highest mountain of Antarctica, the Vinson Peak. And it was this mountain that completed her list of the seven highest points of each continent. Before that, the climber had already climbed Mount Everest, Aconcagua, Denali, Kilimanjaro, Kosciuszko, and Elbrus. In total, only 419 people from all over the world were able to climb all of the abovementioned peaks. It should be noted that Oksana Litynska is the second Ukrainian woman who managed to do this, and Tetyana Yalovchak became the first woman from Ukraine to enter the so-called "7 peak club" in 2017. [Ukr.]

1 January 2020

Nature: Ten people who mattered in science in 2019

Nature: There are 4 women on the list of ten people who mattered in science in 2019.
Sky sleuth VICTORIA KASPI - an astrophysicist chased mysterious fast radio bursts with an innovative radio telescope. Biodiversity guardian SANDRA DÍAZ - an ecologist and her colleagues assess Earth’s ecosystems and call for drastic action. Transplant ethicist WENDY ROGERS - academic revealed ethical failures in China’s studies on organ transplants. Climate catalyst GRETA THUNBERG - a Swedish teenager brought climate science to the fore as she channeled her generation’s rage. Two more women on the list of ones to watch in 2020 - Geng Meiyu, researcher and her team discovered a compound that has been approved in China to treat Alzheimer’s disease and Mariya Gabriel - European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, the European Union’s next spending plan for research and innovation, known as Horizon Europe, will take shape under the leadership of this Bulgarian political scientist.

26 December 2019

1NEWS.AZ: WING—More Azerbaijani Women to Become Engineers

1NEWS.AZ: More active involvement of girls and women in engineering and technological development is becoming a global trend, as it is essential for economic growth, financial stability, and overall development of a society. This is why various programs are being implemented by both international organizations and the private sector. Azerbaijan is no exception: a new WING (Women in Ingenerie) movement has been created in the country. This movement aims to create a professional network of women engineers, scientists, and technologists, offering them professional development, inspiration, and support. [Rus.]

12 December 2019

Forbes: The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women

Forbes: In 2019, women around the globe took action, claiming leadership positions in government, business, philanthropy, and media. These trailblazers are not to be messed with.
There are CEO of IBM Ginni Rometty, President and COO of SpaceX Gwynne Shotwell, CEO and Executive Director of IT-company HCL Enterprise Roshni Nadar Malhotra, Executive Vice President and CFO of Microsoft Amy Hood and Cofounder and CEO of direct-to-consumer DNA testing company 23andMe Anne Wojcicki on this list.

13 November 2019

FACEBOOK YULIYA SOKOLOVSKA (Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine): Women Receive 21% Lower Wages in Ukraine Compared to Men

FACEBOOK YULIYA SOKOLOVSKA (Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine): In Ukraine, women receive 21% lower wages than men. This needs to be changed. In fact, this is an untapped potential for both women and the country. And it is not only about equalizing the payment levels of men and women, but also about creating an equal opportunities: mothers might get an opportunity to return to labor market after giving a birth to a child, employers might develop appropriate infrastructure, working conditions, and more flexible working hours, fathers might get an opportunity to be more involved in childcare, the country might develop pre-school education so that we would challenge stereotypes, more women could take leadership positions, and so on. [Ukr.]

29 October 2019

BIT.UA: She Did It: 140 Articles About Prominent Ukrainian Women Were Created in Ukrainian Wikipedia

BIT.UA: In early October, the Wikipedia marathon hosted the "She Did It" marathon, the task of which was to create and improve as many as possible articles about prominent Ukrainian women. As a result of the marathon, 140 articles have been created in Ukrainian Wikipedia and about 40 articles were corrected and improved. On Wikipedia, there are about four times fewer articles about women than about men—only 15%. In order to challenge gender stereotypes and encourage the fulfillment of women leaders, it is important to tell and share the achievements of prominent women. [Ukr.]

26 October 2019

#ШОТАМ: A Ukrainian Woman Received a Grant for Groundbreaking Research in Antarctica

#ШОТАМ: Researcher of the Science center of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Maria Pavlovska has received a prestigious grant from the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research. [Ukr.]