Olga Maslova

Ph.D. in biological sciences, cell biologist, science popularizer. A regular lecturer at STEM is FEM project.
Olga Maslova


Olga is a PhD in Biological Sciences, cell biologist, science popularizer.

She is a co-founder of the Nobilitet Initiative, a science-promotion platform focused on discoveries that received the Nobel Prize. Olga is also a co-founder of Needorium, a project that creates aromatic accessories, such as stylish tubes filled with four basic compositions that can affect the emotional state. She is a co-author of the bot-calendar Solomia.Today, which explains the physiological and psychological processes in a woman's body during the menstrual cycle.

Olga is a guest lecturer and scientific consultant on several innovative projects, an academic researcher at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. She is an author of about 50 scientific articles, patents, and abstracts for conference papers. Olga is a consultant with Yellow Clutch Advertising Agency. She has conducted more than 100 popular science lectures and events that have written more than 100 popular science articles for her blogs and media, including kunsht.com.ua, Likar.info, Beauty HUB, and others. Olga also became one of the inspiring women-2019 in the Divchata STEM project, as well as a regular lecturer in Stem is Fem project.

Wiki page: https://uk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Маслова_Ольга_Олександрівна